15+ Thoughtful & Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Her (2024)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we’re sure you’re hunting for some last-minute gifts to make your bae feel special. Fret not; we’ve got you covered! NGL, expressing your emotions to your loved ones is easier than sifting through the perfect present for V-day. Hence, to simplify it for you, we’ve scoured the internet to curate the perfect gifting options that’ll make for exceptional gifts in 2024. From high-end skincare and luxury makeup to home decor and perfect outfits, we’ve got options for all.

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15+ Thoughtful & Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Her (1)

15+Unique last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your lady love

1. Forever New Jada Petite Bodycon Midi Dress, Rs 5,395

Forever New

This pick will hit the right note! Surprise your bae with this gorgeous red dress that'll make her go wow. Featuring a studded shoulder strap and slit on the side, this one-shoulder bodycon dress is sure to add a pop of colour to her mundane wardrobe.

Buy it here

2. Hair Drama Co Embellished Crystal Hair Bow Barrette Clip, Rs 2,200

Hair Drama Co

Want to gift something unique to your valentine? Consider this cute crystal bow clip that'll add a dash of pizzazz to her Valentine's Day outfit. If not one, gift two or more!

Buy it here

3. M·A·C Cosmetics Locked Kiss Ink 24HR Lipcolour, Rs 3,050

M·A·C Cosmetics

Gift your beauty-enthusiast bae this long-lasting, kissproof, highly-pigmented lipstick from M·A·C Cosmetics that offers a rich matte colour in just one swipe. The range comes in 18 exciting shades.

Buy it here

4. House Of Surkh Hot Pink Lawn Embroidered Co-Ord Set, Rs 5,300

House Of Surkh

This exquisite hot pink co-ord set is the perfect pick for your loved ones who want to embrace their ethnicity. Its rich embroidered detail adds an unmatched level of sophistication to your outfit.

Buy it here

5. Saregama Carvaan Premium Hindi Portable Music Player - Royal Blue, Rs 7,390

Saregama Carvaan

Wondering what to gift a music-lover? Buy this portable music player that houses 5000 hit Hindi songs and features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours. This Bluetooth-enabled music player is sure to make her dance to your melodious tune.

Buy it here

6. Boutique Living Iris Gaze 100% Cotton Floral Print Double Reversible Comforter, Rs 5,999

Boutique Living

There’s nothing that’ll make her happier than an extremely soft and gorgeous comforter that’ll let her sleep like a baby. Made of cotton, this double reversible comforter is the perfect way to showcase your affection and love.

Buy it here

7. Byogi Tulsi-Infused Sleepwear Kurta-Pyjama Set, Rs 5,499


Made using healing properties of tulsi to soothe your skin, this herb-infused sleepwear set is one of the unique gifts your bae will be proud of. Dreamers can experience the touch of nature as they’re preparing for a sweet, serene slumber time!

Buy it here

8. Birkenstock Bend Low Thong Sandal, Rs 10,490


Who said comfortable everyday sandals must be in boring colours? This thong sandal in blue is the perfect way to surprise your fashion-forward girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Buy it here

9. Juicy Chemistry I, Me & Myself Valentines Gift Box, Rs 3,500

Juicy Chemistry

Don't you deserve all the love, care and attention? Gift yourself this gift box from Juicy Chemistry. Featuring an unwinding night lotion, lip & cheek crayon, body scrub, lip balm and a copper bottle, this gift box is the perfect way to treat yourself to self love.

Buy it here

10. Indulgeo Essentials Cera Range Gift Set, Rs 4,500

Indulgeo Essentials

Dreaming of a Valentine's Day glow? Here’s your best bet to cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin while flaunting glowing, glass skin. This unique gift box is packed with the revitalising goodness of ceramide, citric acid, papaya and other moisturising ingredients, resulting in a skin-brightening glow like no other.

Shop here

11. SoulTree Mystical Manjula Rose Essentials Harmonising Body Care Mini Box, Rs 1,400


Wanna introduce your loved one to a solution that'll treat dull, dry skin? Gift them this harmonising body care range that'll be your best bet for your moisturising shower routine.

Shop here

12. Arya Giri Satin Kimono, Rs 5,650

Arya Giri

Are you on a hunt for one of the quirkiest finds for Valentine's Day? Opt for this red satin kimono that can be styled with a pair of denim pants, black skirt or even a white palazzo.

Shop here

13. Arvino Star Heart Photo Locket Necklace, Rs 2,100


Want to gift your bae a customised jewellery that she'll cherish for life? If yes, shop for this cute heart-shaped pendant necklace that can hold your fave photos to add a personalised touch to your Valentine's Day gift. It's time to keep your loved ones close to your heart!

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14. Beyond Tara Fiesta One shoulder Dress, Rs 4,100

Beyond Tara

Steer clear of reds and pinks and opt for this floral printed one-shoulder dress from Beyond Tara. This one's going to become her utmost favourite this Valentine's Day.

Shop here

15. Clay Craft New Georgian Amara Ebony Tea Set, Rs 6,679

Clay Craft

Is she a chai lover? Gift her this ebony tea set from Clay Craft. Lightweight and chip-resistant, this tea set includes a teapot, milk pot, sugar pot, 6 cups and 6 matching saucer. Isn't it a lovely gift idea?

Shop here

16. Phue Ambrosian Co-ord Set, Rs 8,599


Your exceptionally exquisite taste in gifting a designer co-ord set will be appreciated. It is agift for all the girlies who love to keep it minimal and at the same time, make a style statement.

Shop here

17. Bata North Star Silver Sports Shoes, Rs 1,999


There’s no such thing as enough shoes for girls. Gift your sneaker-head girlfriend these comfy sports shoes from Bata. Pair this classy pair of sneakers with your fave jeans and shirt or a red dress to exude sporty elegance.

Shop here

18. ATBW Floral Organza Saree, Rs 9,000


This stylish and modern floral organza saree is the perfect way to exude your ethnicity. In short, let her feel special this Valentine's Day.

Shop here

19. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum, Rs 10,200

Viktor & Rolf

Wanna tease the love of your life with a romantic scent that'll linger for hours? Buy this one to exude your sultry side.

Shop here

20. Swiss Beauty BFF Forever 6-Piece Gift Set, Rs 1374

Swiss Beauty

If your partner is into makeup and loves to hoard a ton of makeup products, this one's for her. It's time to create different makeup looks for this season.

Shop here

21. Paaduks Ske Eco-Sole Sneakers - Brown and Beige, Rs 3,714


Express your love for your partner this Valentine's Day with these fab sneakers. Its unique design will make for a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

Shop here

22. Rooh By Shivani Floral Bandeau, Rs 17,250


This is another perfect gift that your valentine will absolutely adore. Style this gorgeous floral bandeau with any outfit to amp up your look.

Shop here

23. The Forli Lucy Heels - Pink, Rs 3,595

The Forli

For all the girls who love their high heels, this one's for you. Pair this classy pair of pink high heels with your gorgeous fuschia pink dress to emit your own style.

Shop here

24. Victoria’s Secret Tease Cocoa Soirée Eau De Parfum, Rs 8,999

Victoria's Secret

Surprise the love of your life with this tempting perfume by Apparel Group’s Victoria’s Secret. This exquisite fragrance unfolds with the allure of lush wildberry, a delightful fusion of freshly picked raspberries and blackberries. Get your hands on it soon!

Shop here

25. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Face Scrub, Rs 10,50


Wanna gift your skincare-fanatic girlfriend a newly launched skincare product that works effortlessly to get rid of the gunk and diet? Opt for this rice-based microfoliant face scrub that also helps brighten the skin.

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15+ Thoughtful & Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That’ll Impress Her (2024)


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